Welcome to the only place on the internet meant for those in deep with the travel industry. Find out what’s the latest trend in our industry, new avenues to generate profits and attract tourists to your specific services.

Just as any other industry, the travel community too needs to innovate and reinvent. Staying abreast with developments all over the globe is one fine way to ensure that your enterprise continues to grow and attract a fair share of your country’s tourists.

What Do You Need to Follow?

Not much really. Just knowing a few things before hand and then staying abreast with developments in a few other things ought to be enough.

First and foremost, improve your knowledge of your service area. Know the regions and places that tourists generally flock to but also beware of adventure tourists who travel the offbeat path. For such tourists, who actually spend a lot more than an average tourist, learn the nature paths, find out adventure sports happening in your country or organize camps and treks keeping them solely in mind.

Second, keep a watch for the current travel trends across the globe. Trends change annually. Being aware of such trends helps in ensuring you keep your customers happy since many do read up on such trends before deciding on their bookings and reservations. Offer the trending amenities, activities or concepts and you automatically garner more conversion on your marketing expenditures.

Read our trends page for more information or browse around, you will find a lot of useful information and some trivia too that will help you no matter your region, country or city.

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